Welcome to another article about Crete.

If you are travelling in Crete then Gouves is an excellent option for vacations,

with a lot of hotels, cafe’s and taverna’s all along it’s beautiful coastline.

The name gouves origins from the word “gouva” which means a hollow in the earth.

Gouves is a touristic place but it’s not as wild as the famous Hersonissos & Malia.

It’s more of a quiet place.

gouves crete bus stop
gouves crete bus stop
How To Go To Gouves

If you arrive from Heraklion airport you can rent a car and visit Gouves. Gouves is about 20 minutes

away from Heraklion airport. Another option is to arrange a transfer with your hotel, or to take the

Ktel buses or arrange a transfer by your own.

If you arrive from Heraklion port the procedure is the same as Heraklion airport as the port and the

airport are not as far from each other.

Simple Rent a Car’s staff will gladly wait for you at heraklion port and chania airport to hire you a car.

Visiting Gouves as Tourist

If you visit Gouves as a Tourist, then you have chosen the right place. Gouves offers a large variety of entertainment.

It’s coastline is huge with a dozen of beaches one after the other, a lot of cafe’s and

tavernas. Of course the world famous aquarium is a must visit, the skotino cave, the

foklore museum of gouves. For the sport fans we suggest, the sport cafe central or the lounge cafe bar Wembley.

But allow me to explain them one by one.

Accomodation in Gouves

Gouves has a lot of options.

Gouves Park Holiday Resort
gouves resort for kids

This Resort is ideal for families with kids.

In more detail Gouves Water Park Ηoliday Resort is located in a peaceful location in Gouves, Heraklion,

just a few steps from the sea – offering everything you might dream of for your summer holidays in Crete.

Comfortable accommodations, fine cuisine, facilities and activities for the whole family,

boundless fun and games in the water.

Relaxation and entertainment for every hour of the day.

Gouves Park Holiday Resort Website: https://www.gouvespark.gr/

Amirandes Grecotel Boutique Resort

This one is one of the best hotels in Crete with a water based breathtaking architecture.

Styled after the palaces of the Minoan kings and Venetian nobles who once ruled Crete,

Amirandes introduces the easy elegance of true European Luxury.

Amirandes Grecotel Boutique Resort Website: https://www.amirandes.com/

Ourania Apts Hotels

Ourania Apt Hotel has a beautiful garden, and has a modern architectural design.

The apartment offers privacy.

It is a family based hotel, the staff is always there for your needs.

It is approximately 250 metres away from the seafront,

The hotel is suited both for families couples and solo travellers.

Of course there is a pool in ourania apts and it is dotted with sunbeds and parasols,

so there’s no need to put your towels down before sunrise.

Ourania Apartments  Trip Advisor Page: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g655745-d499024-Reviews-Ourania_Apartments_Hotel-Kato_Gouves_Gouves_Crete.html

What to Do in Gouves
Crete Aquarium

Crete Aquarium is one of the most famous aquariums in Greece. It is based on

the sea life of the mediterranean.

It has a large variety of fish like sharks, lobsters, sea anemons, flat lobsters, octopus,

plankton, sea turtle caretta caretta. A well organised aquarium.

Crete aquarium Website: https://www.cretaquarium.gr/

Folklore Museum of Gouves

If you are passionate about Cretan culture then this one is defintely for you.

Folklore Museum of Gouves is located on the road of Kato Gouves.

It’s goal is to offer you a glimpse of the everyday life of the inhabitants of

Gouves in the last century.

They try to do that with a collection of photographs and objects that people used to use in

their everyday life.

By understanding the past and diving into it you will undestand and love Gouves 

even more.

Folklore Museumm of Gouves Website: https://gouvesmuseum.business.site/

gouves sea front
gouves coastline
Skotino Cave

Agia Paraskevi Cave which is more known as Skotino Cave, is one of the largest

caves in Crete.

The cave has an area of about 2,500 m, 160 meters deep, 36 meters wide and its

complete crossing is a distance of 450 meters.

It has many complex formations of stalagmites and stalactites, some resembling human and animal forms.

After the entrance, there is the main chamber, called the Great Temple, 130 meters long,

33 meters wide and 30 meters high. Down and to the right there is an abundance of stalactites,

some of which reach the ground. Continuing, there is a smaller chamber, known as the “Altar”,

24 meters long, 8.5 meters wide and 25 meters high, where sacrifices were made.

This one is for adventurous people.

If Skotino Cave excites you can read more about it here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skotino_cave

Jeep Safari Roger Rambo

They are a jeep safari in Gouves. They offer you the chance to either ride the jeep

or to hire a driver with it.

On the road you will see little villages, traditional cafes, hidden beauty spots.

At the end of the journey you will experience an amazing dinner on the sea front.

Jeep Safari Trip Advisor Page: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g655745-d8401444-r390735521-Jeefsafari_Experience_Roger_Rambo-Kato_Gouves_Gouves_Crete.html

What to Eat & Drink in Gouves

We love this part !

greek salad gouves crete
salad in gouves
Spyros Taverna

Amazing food. Options for vegatarians and vegans also. A family based business

that respects the local cretan tradition and cuisine. Pure taste, pure cretan mediterranean food.

Highly recommended !

Spyros Taverna on trip advisor : https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g11909826-d2267272-Reviews-Spyros_Taverna-Epano_Gouves_Gouves_Crete.html

Medusa Restaurant

If you are a sea food person you must visit Medousa Restaurant.

An excellent choise for families couples and friends. They have a large variety

of seafood and wine. This one is located just next to the beach in Kato Gouves.

Medusa Restaurant: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g655745-d2168968-Reviews-Medusa_Restaurant-Kato_Gouves_Gouves_Crete.html

Sports Cafe Central

Are you a sports fan ? Are you away from home but want to watch your favourite team

on tv ?  You can do it in Sports Cafe Central.

Lounge Cafe Bar Wembley

Wembley is a local family bussiness established in 2014.

They emphasize on the excellence of service with quality beer served  ice cold,

You can watch any match, any sport, any channel of your demand on the

highest satelite quality and 4K or FHD screens.

You can also see their big collection of soccer jerseys

that many happy customers left on their shaped walls.

Wembley Lounge Cafe Bar Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WembleyB/

Gouves Beaches
gouves sand beach

Gouves Beaches are all on the coastal road of Gouves.

You can easily track the one that suits you especially if you visit

Gouves by car. Gouves beaches are open to the windy north

and many times there are big waves in the beach.

But for this reason there were built many human made small harbours

that protect you from the waves and let you swim in ease.

That was the article about Gouves. We hope you

enjoyed it and decide to visit Gouves in Crete.

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