Stalis Origin’s

Stalida is a village on the north coast of Crete.
The name derives from the Greek verb stalizo, which means
‘stop for a rest’ as this was a location where shepherds and farms rested in between villages.
So just by the name of the area you can figure it’s a place for relaxation !
So if you want to visit Stalis hire a car by Simple and explore that beautiful village !

Visiting Stalis

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*Driver’s age is between 23-75 years old

One way you could visit Stalis is by arranging a transfer with your desired hotel
or apartment directly at the airport or port of Heraklion.
Another way is to rent a car on our spot in Heraklion Airport.
If you decide to visit Heraklion Port then you can rent your
car in our spot in Heraklion Port.
Another option is to take a tai directly from the airport or the bus
which goes to Stalis on a regular basis.

Stalis as a Touristic Area

It is quite touristic though but defintely more relaxing than Hersonissos which is very close.
It is a lively resort, attracting tourists from many European countries.
It has a long, sandy beach and a variety of shops, bars and tavernas.
In the village’s main square, one finds the Byzantine church of St. Ioannis (St. John) dating back to 1600.
Popular with families, it is 30 km from Nikos Kazantsakis airport in Heraklion.
It is one of the best places in Heraklion.
It is just next to Hersonissos and right before Malia.
Stalis Rent a Car Crete
Stalis Bridge

What to Do in Stalis

A bar & restaurant with it’s own style. With a luxurious & elegant aura an amazing place to
drink your cocktails, drinks taste amazing food and enjoy your time.
Listen to amazing great tunes with an unsurpassed view of the crystal clear waters.
At night, the modern aesthetic of the bar and the impressive lighting will amaze you.
Beachcomber Website :
Relax Beach Bar
This is a bar next to the beach with a tropical aura and
architectural design. A bar made of wood with amazing cocktails.
Our personal favourite is daiquiris.
Facebook Relax Beach Bar:
Katerina Taverna
Traditional Cretan food restaurant. Pure food. They gather their fish food
themselves. But they also have meat option, vegatarian and vegan options.
Highly recommended, amazing taste.
Katerina Taverna Website:
greek salad hersonissos
hersonissos greek salad
Slainte Irish Bar
Are you a sport’s fan ? Are you in Crete but you want to see
your favourite football team ?  Then this Irish bar is for you,
they have a lot of tv’s and a lot of amazing beer and tasty food.
Slainte Irish Pub Facebook :
Jasmine House
We won’t say a lot about this one. Just one phrase.
According to our opinion it is the best Chinese restaurant in Crete.
And believe us we have visited a lot of them.
Jasmine House Tripadvisor Profile:
Cretan Family gyros & crepes
If you visit this one you will definetely not forget it !
It’s owner is serving you crepes or greek gyros
dressed as super mario and ringing a bell.
If you go to Stalis they will most definetely
Amaraillis stables
Amaraillis stables is located on the tourist axis “Hersonissos-Stalis-Malia” at an elevation of 46 meters.
It has approximately 10 (depending on the season) indigenous horses that are familiar with both the immediate
surrounding area but also with the longer routes to Mochos.
Mountain trails and dirt roads will take you from 46 meters to 400 meters above sea level and from November
to April you can also ride on the beach if you wish. You’ll get to know the wild, untamed beauty of Crete,
riding native Georgalidika horses on hidden trails and ancient paths, between olive groves and our small lake.
You will also enjoy the view of the island from up high and just before you return using other, smaller trails, you
will make a short stop at the beautiful town square of Mochos.
The short routes take about 1,5 hours to travel and are usually done in the morning and afternoon,
while the trip to Mochos takes around 6 hours and is done during morning hours only. The idea for the
creation of the stable started of course with the love of Nikos Stefanakis for animals.
Amaraillis stables Websites:
horse stalis
horse amarillis stables

Safari Experts Crete

This one is in Malia but since Malia is so close to Stalis
we could not ressist to recommend it !
Safari Experts Crete jeep tours take you on an off road adventure in all its authenticity,
giving you a taste of the Cretan traditional way of life and guide you through the best things you can do in Crete.
We follow trails of history across rugged landscapes, where we’ll witness the island’s natural beauty
and wildlife in all its splendour. We will travel back in time, experiencing the genuine hospitality of the locals,
who will give you a taste of their everyday life, far away from our modern world.
You will be able to experience yourselves how Cretan villages hold to the traditions while
travelling through a gastronomic fairyland that traditional food in Crete has to offer you.
After all that said there is only one question left. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience
by the best Safari club in Crete.
Safari’s Expert’s Website:
safari experts crete
jeep safari

Stalis Beach

It has a lot of sandy beaches, restaurants, cafe’s, hotels and apartments.
It is less touristic than Hersonissos therefore quiter also.
Stalis beach is full of sand and can be an excellent choice for families.
Stalis beach is fully organised with chairs, umbrellas and beach bars.
In case of heavy wind we would suggest to go to Hersonissos to
the beach Saradari as it is naturally protected from wind and heavy waves.
Stalis beach is wonderful but it would be a shame not to visit Malia
and Hersonissos beaches which are just a few km away.
For travellers who want to make a longer trip we would also
suggest Elounda, Istron Beach and Agia Fotia. Those are the direction
of Agios Nikolaos but are worth the visit. You can visit them with one of our cars

Video of Stalis

We defintely reccomend visiting Stalis and walk through the pavement next to the beach.
We as Simple Rent a Car visited Stalis for a drive-through.
Enjoy 🙂

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